Construction on leg 1 and 10

Aug 18, 2017

Construction and MORE construction! This is the year for road improvements on both sides of the border apparently! We are working closely with the two contracting companies for the William Moore Bridge project out of Skagway and the Carcross Cutoff project on the Alaska Highway to ensure the safety of our runners and support vehicles through these construction zones.

As with any road construction, things can change from day to day so we will be updating your team captains with detour information as we get it. Please note that your leg 1 and 10 runners and walkers will be racing through these areas that will most likely be gravel sections of road and to expect delays through these areas.

We headed to Skagway yesterday to check everything out and this is how it looked at 8pm local time. A good example of why being visible while running in this event is SO IMPORTANT! Start training with your HIGH VIZ gear, head lamps, LED gear etc now so you will be comfortable running with it during your race! If you don’t need to head to Skagway on race day, this would be the year not to. We recommend that only mandatory support vehicles come through to the start this year to alleviate some congestion on the highway through these major construction zones.