Race Rules

Have you taken on the role of Team Captain?

Understand your role!

Each team must designate a captain, who may or may not be a runner. The captain is the contact person for the team and it is their responsibility to ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. All team members MUST be aware of all race rules.

  2. Ensure all runners are in possession of their bibs, and that they are clearly visible on the front and back of each runner throughout their leg. Do not pin numbers on the legs—they are not visible.

  1. Checkpoint volunteers will hold your team if they arrive before the designated checkpoint opening time and that time will be added to the participant’s leg time. They will also hold your team if they are not wearing the required team race bib and high viz gear.

  1. Notify your participants not to check in with checkpoint personnel until the officials have called them forward.

  1. All team progress MUST be monitored and recorded by the team itself during the race, and all substitutions recorded on the Blue Post-Race Plan. The team’s completed Post-Race Plan must be presented at the Finish Line. If a timing fob is lost along the way your team WILL NOT be issued a replacement so recording each individuals time is essential for accurate race results.

  1. If your team has a complaint or protest to register, the captain must present it to the race judge at the finish line.

  1. After leaving Skagway, food and gas are not available on the route before Carcross (Checkpoint 7). Outhouses will be provided at checkpoints on route.

  1. Runner shirts will be available for pick up by the team captain at the Finish Line.

  1. A photographer will be on hand to take team photos at the Finish Line. The photos will be posted on the Klondike Road Relay website and Sport Yukon’s social media pages, where they can be saved and accessed for personal use.



Want to participate? Here are the rules

1. Legs CANNOT be shared


2. Minimum of 6 runners and a max of 10 are allowed in Official Categories



3. Participants CANNOT be on more then one team in the same category


4. Runners/walkers MUST run/walk on the shoulder of the highway


5. From the start of the race and until directed to cross at daylight, runners/walkers will run/walk on the right hand side of the road. DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD AT ANY POINT UNLESS ASKED TO DO SO BY A FLAG PERSON OR RACE MARSHAL. Everyone starting in Carcross, Checkpoint #7, will be started on the left hand side of the highway but checkpoint volunteers


6. Runners/walkers MUST obey all traffic control signs and officials at the checkpoints and along the route


7. Runners/walkers will be called forward by checkpoint officials prior to beginning their leg


8. Runners/walkers and support personnel MUST wear reflective and high viz safety apparel to ensure they are visible at night, especially on the left side of the body


9. Runners /walkers MUST wear the bib number(s) assigned to them and ensure that they are visible on the front chest and back at all times through their leg. Do not pin to your legs—they are not visible

10. First Aid will be provided by the Canadian Ski Patrol (Yukon Zone)


11. A runner/walker MUST withdraw from the relay at once if ordered to do so by a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. The team may substitute another runner and a 5-minute penalty will be assessed


12. A runner/walker may register to run/walk more than one leg but can only run/walk for one team. If a runner/walker is registered to run/walk consecutive legs, they must display the proper number for their first leg upon arriving at the checkpoint and must display the proper number for the next leg before leaving, except in the case of a substitution (see below). Penalties will be recorded and assessed for any runner arriving at or leaving the checkpoint without the proper number


13. Runner/walker numbers must not be transferred. Violation will result in team disqualification. (See Substitution Rules.)


14. Runners/walkers MUST obey the signs and traffic control personnel at the Miles Canyon turnoff and cross the highway only in the designated corridor



15. In the Miles Canyon section (leg 10 & 10B) runners/walkers are asked to run/walk on the left hand side of the road and use extreme caution. This road is not closed to local traffic. Support is not allowed in this section due to potential congestion and safety concerns. Be advised water and first aid is provided in this section


16. Exiting the Miles Canyon section, runners/walkers will run/walk on the right hand side of the road until they are directed to follow the paved river trail to the Finish Line


17. Bicycles, rollerblades and dogs are not permitted on route


The relay is scheduled to finish by 3:30pm Saturday, September 8th. Any team finishing after this time will not be recorded in the official results


  1. Substitutions:

  1. Each runner/walker is expected to complete his or her designated leg(s) as shown on the Team’s Pre-Race Plan. Any substitutions or changes MUST be recorded on the Team’s Blue Post-Race plan. Only participants already included in the teams Pre-Race Plan can substitute for one of their teammates. Record the name and bib number of the substituting runner/walker.

  1. Runners/walkers substituting for another must wear their originally assigned bib number as per the Team’s Pre-Race plan on the sub leg so the checkpoint volunteers can easily identify them as a sub runner.

  1. Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) substitutions during the race and only one substitution is allowed per leg.

  1. A runner/walker not completing a leg may not run/walk again later in the relay.

  1. A runner/walker substituting for another may run/walk a later leg.

  1. A team will be assessed a five (5) minute penalty for each substitution. All penalties will be added to the team’s final time.

  1. A team that makes more than three (3) substitutions will be disqualified and will not be recorded in the results.

  1. The Race Judge will act upon any illegal substitutions reported by a team captain or a course official.




  1. If a team is disqualified and wishes to appeal, the team captain must    file an appeal in writing to the Jury of Appeal through the Race Judge. Appeals must be filed by 3:30 PM Saturday, September 8th.

  1. The Jury of Appeal consists of no fewer than three (3) people and will elect its own Chairperson.

  1. The Jury will consider the decision of the Race Judge and the appeal as it is presented. The Jury may interview witnesses and will make its decision. This decision may uphold, set aside, or modify the decision of the Race Judge. The decision of the Jury may be a unanimous decision, or based upon a majority vote; however, it will be final and binding.



Driving support for your team?

Here is what you need to know


The Klondike Road Relay has the potential for dangerous traffic situations. The highway only has two lanes and in many places the shoulder is very narrow.

Curves, hills and darkness severely limit visibility. These conditions make it imperative that all persons involved in the relay exercise good judgement and obey all rules.

We ask that all drivers are exceptionally careful and courteous during the race and that runners and other pedestrians watch out for vehicles at all times.

  1. Each team will be allowed ONE support vehicle. Signs will be provided and must be displayed at all times. If your team transfers to an alternate support vehicle, please transfer your signs.

  1. Obey all traffic control signs and officials at the checkpoints and along the route.

  1. All vehicles are required by law to travel in their lane with headlights on at all times. Only use your hazard lights if you are stopped or have pulled off to the side of the road. Do not use them while in motion.

  1. At checkpoints, park ONLY in designated areas.

  1. Do not stop your vehicle on the highway unless you are pulled over on the shoulder. When pulling back onto the highway, please proceed with caution as runners may be coming up along side of your vehicle.

  1. Pacing is prohibited. (Pacing is driving directly behind your runner). Pacing a runner may result in team disqualification; it is extremely dangerous for both runners and vehicles on the road. Vehicles must proceed ahead of the runner, at normal traffic speed, pull over, and park where there is room and wait for the runner to catch up.

  1. For the start of the race, support vehicles should wait beyond the Skagway River Bridge.

  1. Watch for runners. When a runner is passing you, stay in your lane and give him/her room along the shoulder. Once the runner has passed, pull over carefully and allow the support vehicle to pass.



Traffic delays

**Please be considerate that the highway is still open to the public.

Be mindful of driveways and other road accesses off the highway**


Checkpoint #3 US/Canada Border

Runners will be crossed over by our checkpoint volunteers into checkpoint #3. Please be aware that there will be traffic delays going into this checkpoint. Please be patient and follow the direction of the volunteers.


Checkpoint #6 BC/Yukon Border

Going into checkpoint #6 there will be delays due to lack of parking in the area. Vehicles will be directed into the gravel pit just before the checkpoint or to park up the hill at the next pull out. No vehicles are permitted to park along the side of the highway in this area, as it is unsafe for our runners coming in and leaving the checkpoint. Please listen to the volunteers and go where you are directed.



Miles Canyon

At Miles Canyon, during Leg 10, again, runners are directed to move to the right hand side of the road. There will be a traffic control station set-up to assist in the process. This is very important: Although the Miles Canyon turnoff section is not closed to local traffic, support vehicles will not be allowed to follow their runners/walkers through this section to limit congestion. Drivers must proceed into town and park at the ballpark across from the Robert Service Campground, or at the finish line in Rotary Park, etc. In this Miles Canyon section, runners are to stay on the left side of the road, not the middle of the road. There is a water station and 1st aid for runners in this section. Leg 10 runners will reconnect at the Robert Service Way and they are to stay on the right side of the road until they hit the pathway along the Yukon River to the finish.