About the Race

You won’t find another race like the Klondike Trail of ’98 International Road Relay.  It offers breath-taking scenery, team camaraderie, physical challenge and gracious northern hospitality.  This relay is Sport Yukon’s annual fundraiser so we thank you for your participation. Have fun!

The 2020 Klondike Road Relay has been cancelled due to COVID-19

The race will commence on Friday evening, September 10th, 2021 in Skagway, Alaska.  It follows the trail of the Gold Rush Stampeders over the famous White Pass, through British Columbia, and into the Yukon, finishing Saturday, September 11th, 2021 along the banks of the Yukon River in Whitehorse. The awards ceremony and dance will be held at the Whitehorse Curling Club.  Doors at 7:30pm with awards set to start at 8:00pm.  Live music to follow at 9:30pm-1:00am.  Cash only event!!!!


The relay is run on paved highway throughout the night and into the next day over challenging terrain and breathtaking scenery.  The weather often varies from beautiful starlit nights with displays of northern lights to cloudy, foggy, rainy, and sometimes snowy conditions.  More often than not, the race ends on a sunny, crisp fall day in the Yukon’s capital.  The 175km relay is broken into 10 legs, varying in distance from 9.0 to 25.6 km.  It starts at sea level, climbs to an elevation of 1004 meters in the first 2 legs and descends to approximately 610 meters towards the finish line.  Teams of 4 to 10 participants run or walk in various categories with each team being permitted one support vehicle. There is also an ultra category, where one person completes legs 7-10, a 70.7km distance.