Checkpoint Q&A

Checkpoints are the start and finish location of each leg of the race. These checkpoints are stationed with volunteers, first aid and a member of the Yukon Amateur radio Association. Their job as volunteers is to get runners in and out of the checkpoints safely and direct support vehicles to the designated parking areas. Each checkpoint has an opening and closing time based on the total race time itself

Q: Are there washrooms at the checkpoint?

A: Yes, there are outhouses available at each checkpoint.

Q: Do you provide water at the checkpoints?

A: No, there are refill stations at the Visitors Centre in Skagway, Carcross Commons and at the finish line. There is a H20 station down the Miles Canyon Road for racers on leg 10/10B. Ensure you have a reusable water bottle with enough water to get you from start to finish.

Q: What if we arrive at the checkpoint before it’s open?

A: Each team is assigned a start time based on the teams estimated total race time. These times have been assigned based on when the team will arrive at the checkpoints along the route. If your racer arrives before the designated opening time, they will be held until the checkpoint officially opens and that time will be added to that racers total race time.

Q: How will I know when my runner is coming in?

A: We have volunteers stationed at a 1km out checkpoint. Those volunteers radio the BIB# of the racer back to the checkpoints which are then announced on a megaphone. At that point, the next racer should wait in the marshalling area for their racer to arrive and tag off. It’s important to pay attention to what’s being announced at the checkpoint so you don’t miss your tag off.

Q: Why does my race BIB have to visible front and back?

A: The race BIB is your identification during the race. This is used to let your next racer know you are arriving at the checkpoint, etc. Penalties are given to those racers who do not have their BIB’s visible front and back during their leg. Nighttime legs, this is also a way for vehicles to see you on the road as there is a small reflective strip on the bib itself.