Commemorative Pins

Starting in 2014 and going forward, the Klondike Road Relay has new commemorative pins to celebrate a participant’s completion of each leg in its entirety. Note: the leg pins will not be retroactively awarded, but will be available for purchase!

There is also a Senator’s Cup pin that will be retroactively awarded only to those who are on the cup (having completed all ten legs of the event since its inception in 1983), and ongoing to those who complete all ten legs of the Relay. The Senator’s Cup pin will not be for sale.

Here are the pins that will be awarded to those who complete each of the legs (from 2014-onward), as well as the Senator’s Cup pin for those who have completed each of the ten legs of the race.

Klondike RR Leg 1 Klondike RR Leg 2 Klondike RR Leg 3 Klondike RR Leg 4 Klondike RR Leg 5 Klondike RR Leg 6 Klondike RR Leg 7 Klondike RR Leg 8 Klondike RR Leg 9 Klondike RR Leg 10 Klondike RR Senators Cup