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Register a New Team or a Racer

Register a New Team - captain

To register a New Team for the current year, first you need to create a New Team Profile and list a captain. Once you have received your Team ID and secured it with a password you may log in.

Creating a team profile does not mean you have to be Registered for the current year race, but it does give you the opportunity to find racers for your team. Once you decided to participate in the current year race, you can then register and pay for your team.

If your team has raced in previous years please use that profile by going to Team Login.

Create a New Team Profile

Register a New Racer - individual

To register a New Racer for our System, first you need to sign up as a racer in the database. Once you created your Racer ID, Personal Profile and secured it with a password you may then log in.

Creating a Racer Profile in our database does not require you to participate in the current year race, but gives you opportunity to find teams for yourself. Once you decided to participate in the current year race, let the Team Captain know your Racer ID and he or she will add you to the Teams Race Plan.

It is easier for the Team captain if you complete your Racer Profile prior to the Captain adding you to the Race Plan.

If you already have a Personal Racer Profile please ignore these instructions and go to Racer Login.

Register a New Racer


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