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How to deal with name changes and duplicate name records

While searching the race information if you come across duplicate records for yourself please send us as much information about the duplicate records as you can and we will attempt to combine them under your current name ID

What we need to know is what the Racer ID Numbers are and the years affected plus any other relevant information including the name you want all records to show.

The same problem applies to team names.

Not only were some team names spelt differently each year but some teams included a sponsor's name as part of the team name. What we have done is tried to combine all identical names into one record but this was less successful.

We have added a field called "Sponsor" so if you were Atlas Travel Magnificent 10 one year and Whitehorse Travel Magnificent Ten the next year you can combine the records to be just the Magnificent 10 and show the sponsor for each year as separate items. If your sponsor is an integral part of the Team name then it can be left as is. The choice is yours.

We need to know what the Team ID Numbers are for each year that needs to be changed and what name you want to use.

We do not support combining team names from year to year. For example if the team name is "The Best Team 2008", and you want the team name changed to "The Best Team 2009" we will not do this as it affects the individual racers who ran in 2008 but not in 2009. In this case a new team should be created for each new year. The best alternative is to leave the year off.


(Please be patient as we expect a large number of changes.)

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