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Volunteers Needed 04-20-2016

The Klondike Road Relay is in search of volunteers for this year's event. If you are interested in joining the fun, click the Volunteer link at the bottom of the page, or contact Sandra @ Sport Yukon.

Order Additional T-Shirts/Dance Tickets 04-20-2016

If your team has already registered and you are looking to purchase additional t-shirts or dance tickets, you can do so by logging into your team account and visiting the Team Details link at the bottom of the page.

Race Record Holders 04-20-2016

If you are wondering what the times to beat are from previous years, check out our race record holders here.

The fastest 2015 times can be found here.

Instructions for Waiver Acceptance 04-20-2016

If you are under the age of 18, you must complete the following steps in accepting your waiver:

1) Accept the online waiver
2) Download the pdf version of the accepted waiver, print off the file and obtain a parent/guardian signature
3) Submit signed waiver to the team captain (to be submitted at team captain's meeting) or deliver to Sport Yukon

All other racers (18 and above) are expected to accept their waivers online only, with no paper copy required.

Racers can accept their waivers online by logging into their personal racer profiles (not to be confused with team account). 

Instructions to accept waivers through personal racer profiles:
- Go to: 
- Enter your log in information at the top of the screen: ID and password 
- Once you've logged in, a link will appear along the top area of the screen that says "Waiver Acceptance". 
- You can then read and accept the waiver. 
- If you do not remember or have a personal ID password, click the log in link at the top of the road relay homepage, then select the "forgot password" link. You'll be prompted to enter your user ID, and your password will be e-mailed to the address on your profile.

2016 Race Date & Registration 04-20-2016

This year's race will take place on September 9&10, 2016. Registration opens May 1st. 

Senator's Cup Criteria 04-20-2016

For those who are striving to have their name on the Senator's Cup, you must have completed all 10 legs since the inception of the race, and the records must show that you have completed all ten legs under one racer profile. If you have completed all 10 legs under different profile IDs, you must inform Sandra at Sport Yukon of the multiple profiles that exist under your name and select the exact spelling of how you want your name to appear on the cup.

2016 Registration Dates 04-20-2016

For those looking for details on the 2016 relay, 2016 registration will open at the beginning of May.


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