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Start time   Bib   Team Name City Category
UnassignedCrow's FeetAnchorageMASTERS WOMEN
UnassignedMMMM...Marci's Most Marvelous MavericksWhitehorseWOMEN
UnassignedHi Country RV ParkWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedBottom of the BucketWhitehorseYOUTH (7a-10b)
UnassignedRun DMCDawson CityMASTERS MIXED
UnassignedDevil's Club DivasJuneauWOMEN
UnassignedHard CoeurJuneau CORPORATE
UnassignedWorst Parade Ever Colon My Pace or Yours?KetchikanWOMEN
UnassignedA Running JokeWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedDouble ShovelAnchorageWOMEN
UnassignedVictoria Gold Corp.MayoCORPORATE
UnassignedLes etoiles filantesHaines JunctionOPEN
UnassignedSole SEARHCersDouglasCORPORATE
Unassigned12 hour holdsHainesCORPORATE
UnassignedLos(t) LobosJuneauOPEN
UnassignedRunning Home to Yukon BrewingWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedClimate ClothingWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedQuads of FuryWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedPermanent FunJuneauMIXED
UnassignedThibodeaus and Friends UniteJuneauMIXED
UnassignedWe Got the RunsJuneau OPEN
UnassignedThe ClassicsAnchorageMASTERS MIXED
UnassignedQuantum Running MachineswhitehorseMASTERS WOMEN
UnassignedThe New ThirtyWhitehorseMASTERS MIXED
UnassignedLegs MiserableswhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedThe RatsAnchorageMIXED
UnassignedBitchmojisEagle RiverWOMEN
UnassignedWhitehorse Fire DepartmentWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedYNTEP Road RunnersWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedHiphopopotamuses and RhymenocerosesJuneauMIXED
UnassignedLast of the MosequinsAnchorageWOMEN
UnassignedCorpulent CorvidsCorvallisMIXED
UnassignedThe TeamWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedPine Dental Tooth FairiesWhitehorseWOMEN
UnassignedElectrolytesJuneau MIXED
UnassignedDemonstrable KneesWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedCaped CrusadersWhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedMovin' on upwhitehorseMIXED
UnassignedBirds of a Feather are Back TogetherAnchorageWOMEN
UnassignedHalf FastJuneauWALKERS (7a-10b Legs)
UnassignedCrawl If You Have ToWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedThe Blue Footed BoobiesJuneauWOMEN
UnassignedDa FunkWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedIcy WatersWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedNorthern Fit NutsLac Ste. Anne CountyOPEN
UnassignedRunning From JuneauJuneauOPEN
UnassignedNorthwestel High SpeedWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedRed Dress RunnersJuneauOPEN
UnassignedYukon tell it's our first timeWaterlooOPEN
UnassignedInuvik Past & PresentWhitehorseMIXED
Unassigned"Running Amuck"WhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedGet 'er DoneWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedHot Tub Time MachineAnchorageMIXED
UnassignedWitness The FitnessJuneauOPEN
UnassignedBlueberry Chocolate Dynamite FairbanksOPEN
UnassignedC. C. StridersJuneauOPEN
UnassignedSlomo SapiensJUNEAUMIXED
UnassignedGot the RunsJuneauMIXED
UnassignedThe CS More Than Paper ShufflersWhitehorseCORPORATE
UnassignedThe Running SquadWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedNorthwestel Heart & Sole'sWhitehorseOPEN
UnassignedSisters with BlistersWhitehorseWOMEN
UnassignedRed White and TightAnchorageMIXED
UnassignedYu Kon Do ItAnchorageOPEN
UnassignedOff in the woodsAnchorageCORPORATE
UnassignedOnce Upon a RunJuneauOPEN
UnassignedPoetry In MotionJuneauWOMEN
UnassignedRaven MadWhitehorseWOMEN
UnassignedJugs and ThugsJuneauOPEN
UnassignedLadies of the NightWhitehorseWOMEN
UnassignedTeam ACEAnchorageWOMEN