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Team Name
Team ID 
Crow's Feet3108AnchorageMASTERS WOMENMary Ann Renkert
MMMM...Marci's Most Marvelous Mavericks3849WhitehorseWOMENAmy Riske
Hi Country RV Park3763WhitehorseMIXEDMarisa Johnson
Bottom of the Bucket3782WhitehorseYOUTH (7a-10b)Emmett Ross
Run DMC3479Dawson CityMASTERS MIXEDMindy Potoroka
Devil's Club Divas3396JuneauWOMENJeannette Lacey Dunn
Hard Coeur3253Juneau CORPORATERobert Chernikoff
Worst Parade Ever Colon My Pace or Yours?3780KetchikanWOMENAmanda Robinson
A Running Joke3847WhitehorseOPENMichael Buurman
Double Shovel3846AnchorageWOMENBrenda Lester
Victoria Gold Corp.3834MayoCORPORATECheryl Klippert
Les etoiles filantes3640Haines JunctionOPENGeorgie Townrow
Sole SEARHCers3702DouglasCORPORATELauren Sanzone
12 hour holds3070HainesCORPORATEBeth Bolander
Los(t) Lobos3327JuneauOPENGeorge Elgee
Running Home to Yukon Brewing3792WhitehorseMIXEDDavid Eikelboom
Climate Clothing3693WhitehorseMIXEDJeff Frizzell
Quads of Fury3850WhitehorseMIXEDRachel
Permanent Fun1652JuneauMIXEDDavid Buss
Thibodeaus and Friends Unite3739JuneauMIXEDGregory Frank
We Got the Runs3531Juneau OPENCatherine Peimann
The Classics1968AnchorageMASTERS MIXEDTim Middleton
Quantum Running Machines3759whitehorseMASTERS WOMENJoanne Van Bibber-Widrig
The New Thirty3550WhitehorseMASTERS MIXEDStephanie Schorr
Legs Miserables3855whitehorseOPENchristine spencer
The Rats3700AnchorageMIXEDKatie Krehlik
Bitchmojis3741Eagle RiverWOMENKati Capozzi
Whitehorse Fire Department3644WhitehorseCORPORATETorey Wiebe
YNTEP Road Runners3856WhitehorseMIXEDMark Connell
Hiphopopotamuses and Rhymenoceroses3854JuneauMIXEDMark T Wilcox
Last of the Mosequins3853AnchorageWOMENCarey Carpenter
Corpulent Corvids3852CorvallisMIXEDCorey McKrill
The Team3851WhitehorseOPENLaura Wells
Pine Dental Tooth Fairies1665WhitehorseWOMENShauna Tompkins
Electrolytes3463Juneau MIXEDBriana
Roadkill1740WhitehorseOPENBailey Staffen
Demonstrable Knees3790WhitehorseCORPORATEJohanna Smith
Caped Crusaders3844WhitehorseMIXEDAmber Church
Movin' on up3840whitehorseMIXEDSamm McCormack
Birds of a Feather are Back Together3837AnchorageWOMENCorrina B Rinella
Half Fast3774JuneauWALKERS (7a-10b Legs)Lynn Hirschi
Crawl If You Have To1181WhitehorseCORPORATETravis Adams
The Blue Footed Boobies3490JuneauWOMENBrianne Mecum
Da Funk3835WhitehorseOPENVanessa Stewart
Icy Waters3839WhitehorseCORPORATEJakub Nemcek
Northern Fit Nuts3260Lac Ste. Anne CountyOPENMarilee Byers
Running From Juneau3465JuneauOPENLacey Sanders
Northwestel High Speed1593WhitehorseCORPORATESheldon Lyslo
Red Dress Runners3291JuneauOPENRebecca Soza
FoxyGens3627WhitehorseWOMENAshley Kostelnik
Horizontals3667WhitehorseMIXEDLynn Pollard
Yukon tell it's our first time3836WaterlooOPENKayla Ng
Inuvik Past & Present3838WhitehorseMIXEDDiane Wilson
"Running Amuck"1383WhitehorseOPENCassandra Kelly
Get 'er Done3841WhitehorseOPENAlanna Dawley
Hot Tub Time Machine3460AnchorageMIXEDRachael Gano
Witness The Fitness3316JuneauOPENRuth Banaszak
Blueberry Chocolate Dynamite 3411FairbanksOPENDon Kiely
C. C. Striders3304JuneauOPENJim Grammel
Slomo Sapiens1835JUNEAUMIXEDCarl Brodersen
Got the Runs3456JuneauMIXEDMasha
The CS More Than Paper Shufflers3326WhitehorseCORPORATEKirsti A Muller
The Running Squad3768WhitehorseOPENTheresa Desjardins
Northwestel Heart & Sole's3641WhitehorseOPENMarni Delaurier
Sisters with Blisters3632WhitehorseWOMENRenee Mills
Red White and Tight3625AnchorageMIXEDGavin Dixon
Yu Kon Do It3083AnchorageOPENEcho McDonald
Off in the woods3541AnchorageCORPORATEPamela boyleston
Once Upon a Run3843JuneauOPENAmmie Rector
Poetry In Motion1675JuneauWOMENRobin Gilcrist
Raven Mad1709WhitehorseWOMENMaggie Powter
Jugs and Thugs3762JuneauOPENVanessa Gabel
Ladies of the Night3842WhitehorseWOMENSamantha Hand
Team ACE3666AnchorageWOMENKate Blair