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Top Teams

Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay

Winners by Category

CategoryTeam NameCityProvince  Final Time  Penalty  Total Time  PaceMPH
WOMENCougars...It's business time.WhitehorseYT15:27:5215:27:5200:08:287.1
MIXEDTeam 8DouglasAK12:13:0812:13:0800:06:429
MASTERS OPENShier Law RunnersWhitehorseYT12:51:4412:51:4400:07:038.5
MASTERS WOMENCharlie's AngelsWhitehorseYT16:49:5716:49:5700:09:136.5
MASTERS MIXEDThe ClassicsANCHORAGEAK14:59:0514:59:0500:08:137.3
WALKERS (1-10 Legs)Slowly Heading NorthWhitehorseYT08:49:5508:49:5500:11:585
CORPORATENorthwestel High SpeedWhitehorseYT15:52:3415:52:3400:08:426.9
ULTRAFugitive on the RunWhitehorseYT06:33:4306:33:4300:08:536.8
YOUTH (7a-10b)The Green Squad GremlinsWhitehorseYukon06:22:3806:22:3800:08:386.9