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Prior Year Reports by Racer

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It is possible to use wild card in searching the lookup tables. Our wild card is the % (Percent key). So here are some of its uses in the look up all teams "Name Field":

- run% will retrieve all teams that start with RUN
- %run will retrieve all teams that end with RUN
- %run% will retrieve all teams that contain the 3 letters RUN in a string
- % the Percent by itself will retrieve all teams
- Not using the % symbol will retrieve only those teams that are an exact match to your entry.

The printing of all reports is handled through your Web Browser's Print Function. In order to print a report Click "File -> Print" or the Print icon and select the printer or output device that you wish to print to.

It is possible to format the report to your liking by choosing "File -> Page Setup" and selecting the formatting options you would like to have. We suggest to turn on background color when printing, eg. "Set your printer to print background color".

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