Accept Your Online Waiver

You can now accept your waiver on your mobile device!

Once your team captain has added you to the teams race plan, you should receive an email with a link to your profile where you accept your waiver online.

If you have not received it yet, it could be for the following reasons:

1. Your email address associated with your existing Racer ID is not the one you currently use.
– Simply log in as a Racer and update your email address in your profile and accept your waiver there.

2. Your email address associated with your new Racer ID was created by your team captain and got misspelled or is not the one you currently use.
– Ask your captain to update your email address in the race plan. The waiver email will be resent to you automatically.

3. You are trying to accept the waiver under your existing Racer ID, while your captain created a new Racer ID for you.
– You need to ask us to combine those Racer IDs or simply ask your captain to use the correct one in the Race Plan.

4. Your Racer ID and email address is correct in the race plan, but it went to your junk folder or your email spam filter didn’t allow it to arrive to your inbox.
– Check your spam filter, or change your spam filtering level (especially with accounts like,,, or any government domain names).

Once you’ve sorted out these issues, please login with your correct Racer ID. Once you’re logged in you can sign your waiver easily.