1. Legs CANNOT be shared

2. Minimum of 6 runners and a max of 10 are allowed in Official Categories

3. Participants CANNOT be on more than one team

4. Participants MUST run on the shoulder of the highway

5. From the start of the race and until directed to cross at daylight, participants will run on the right hand side of the road. DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD AT ANY POINT UNLESS ASKED TO DO SO BY A FLAG PERSON OR RACE MARSHAL.

**Everyone starting in Carcross, Checkpoint #7, will be started on the left hand side of the highway by checkpoint volunteers**

6. Participants MUST obey all traffic control signs and officials at the checkpoints and along the route.

7. Participants will be called forward by checkpoint officials prior to beginning their leg.

8. Participants and support personnel MUST wear reflective and high viz safety apparel to ensure they are visible at night, preferably on the left side of the body. A LED slap band will be provided to those who are not wearing a required piece of LED high viz gear.

9. Participants will be held at a checkpoint if they are not wearing their appropriate team BIB#, LED or high viz (nighttime legs) and the teams timing fob

10. Participants MUST wear the bib number(s) assigned to them and ensure that they are visible on the front chest and back ONLY at all times through their leg. Do not pin to your legs—they are not visible

11. A participant MUST withdraw from the relay at once if ordered to do so by a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol who provide First Aid at each checkpoint. The team may substitute another runner and a 5-minute penalty will be assessed. Any substitutions MUST be recorded on the teams BLUE POST RACE PLAN

12. A participant may register to run more than one leg but can only race for one team. If a runner is registered to run consecutive legs, they must display the proper number for their first leg upon arriving at the checkpoint and must display the proper number for the next leg before leaving, except in the case of a substitution (see sub/appeals page). Penalties will be recorded and assessed for any runner arriving at or leaving the checkpoint without the proper number

13. Participant numbers must not be transferred. Violation will result in team disqualification. (See Substitution/Appeals page)

14. Participants MUST obey the signs and traffic control personnel at the Miles Canyon turnoff and cross the highway only in the designated corridor

15. In the Miles Canyon section (leg 10 & 10B) runners are asked to run on the left hand side of the road and use extreme caution. This road is not closed to local traffic. Support is not allowed in this section due to potential congestion and safety concerns. Be advised water and first aid is provided in this section

16. Exiting the Miles Canyon section, runners will run on the right hand side of the road until they are directed to follow the paved river trail to the Finish Line

17. Bicycles, rollerblades and dogs are not permitted on route.  Only registered participants who have signed the agreement release form and are on a teams race plan are permitted to run during this event and ONLY during their designated leg.

18. Any participants running leg 3 MUST be prepared to stop at Canada Customs with ID/Passport in hand.  Volunteers will direct runners to the pedestrian check in where they will wait to be cleared before they can finish their leg of the race.  Please ensure you have the proper documents required to enter Canada and the USA.

**Support vehicles could expect up to 1 hour wait time**

19. Mass Start-Checkpoint #10: All teams/categories will be started at 1:00pm PST if the leg 9 racer has not arrived at the checkpoint by that point. Official times will be recorded at the finish line.  Check-In REQUIRED

20. All team progress MUST be monitored and recorded by the team itself during the race, and all substitutions recorded on the Blue Post-Race Plan. The team’s completed Post-Race Plan must be presented at the Finish Line. If a timing fob is lost along the way your team WILL NOT be issued a replacement so recording each individuals time is essential for accurate race results.