1. Each participant is expected to complete his or her designated leg(s) as shown on the Team’s Pre-Race Plan. Any substitutions or changes MUST be recorded on the Team’s Blue Post-Race plan. Only participants already included in the teams Pre-Race Plan can substitute for one of their teammates. Record the name and bib number of the substituting runner/walker.
  2. Participants substituting for another must wear their originally assigned bib number as per the Team’s Pre-Race plan on the sub leg so the checkpoint volunteers can easily identify them as a sub runner.
  3. Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) substitutions during the race and only one substitution is allowed per leg.
  4. A participant not completing a leg may NOT run/walk again later in the relay.
  5. A participant substituting for another MAY run/walk a later leg.
  6. A team will be assessed a five (5) minute penalty for each substitution. All penalties will be added to the team’s final time.
  7. A team that makes more than three (3) substitutions will be disqualified and will not be recorded in the results.
  8. The Race Judge will act upon any illegal substitutions reported by a team captain or a course official.


  1. If a team is disqualified and wishes to appeal, the team captain must file an appeal in writing to the Jury of Appeal through the Race Judge. Appeals must be filed by 4:00 PM Saturday, September 7th.
  2. The Jury of Appeal consists of no fewer than three (3) people and will elect its own Chairperson.
  3. The Jury will consider the decision of the Race Judge and the appeal as it is presented. The Jury may interview witnesses and will make its decision. This decision may uphold, set aside, or modify the decision of the Race Judge. The decision of the Jury may be a unanimous decision, or based upon a majority vote; however, it will be final and binding.