Support Drivers

Driving support for your team?

Here is what you need to know

The Klondike Road Relay has the potential for dangerous traffic situations. The highway only has two lanes and in many places the shoulder is very narrow.

Curves, hills and darkness severely limit visibility. These conditions make it imperative that all persons involved in the relay exercise good judgement and obey all rules.

We ask that all drivers are exceptionally careful and courteous during the race and that runners and other pedestrians watch out for vehicles at all times.

  1. Each team will be allowed ONE support vehicle on the road at one time. Signs will be provided and must be displayed at all times. If your team transfers to an alternate support vehicle, please transfer your signs.
  2. Obey all traffic control signs and officials at the checkpoints and along the route.
  3. All vehicles are required by law to travel in their lane with headlights on at all times. Only use your hazard lights if you are stopped or have pulled off to the side of the road. Do not use them while in motion.
  4. At checkpoints, park ONLY in designated areas.
  5. Do not stop your vehicle on the highway unless you are pulled over on the shoulder. When pulling back onto the highway, please proceed with caution as runners may be coming up along side of your vehicle.
  6. Pacing is prohibited. (Pacing is driving directly behind your runner). Pacing a runner may result in team disqualification; it is extremely dangerous for both runners and vehicles on the road. Vehicles must proceed ahead of the runner, at normal traffic speed, pull over, and park where there is room and wait for the runner to catch up.
  7. For the start of the race, support vehicles should wait beyond the Skagway River Bridge.
  8. Watch for runners. When a runner is passing you, stay in your lane and give him/her room along the shoulder. Once the runner has passed, pull over carefully and allow the support vehicle to pass.

Traffic delays

**Please be considerate that the highway is still open to the public.

Be mindful of driveways and other road accesses off the highway**

Checkpoint #3 Alaska Border

Runners will be crossed over by our checkpoint volunteers into checkpoint #3. Please be aware that there will be traffic delays going into this checkpoint. Please be patient and follow the direction of the volunteers.

Checkpoint #4 Canada Border

All leg 3 runners MUST have valid passport and be allowed entry into Canada.  Leg 3 runners MUST have passport on their person prior to the Canada Customs crossing.  Runners are expected to stop and wait to be cleared by an agent prior to entering into Canada at checkpoint #4.  Support vehicles should expect up to 1 hour wait times.

Checkpoint #6 BC/Yukon Border

Going into checkpoint #6 there will be delays due to lack of parking in the area. Vehicles will be directed into the gravel pit just before the checkpoint or to park up the hill at the next pull out. No vehicles are permitted to park along the side of the highway in this area, as it is unsafe for our runners coming in and leaving the checkpoint. Please listen to the volunteers and go where you are directed.

Miles Canyon

At Miles Canyon, during Leg 10, again, runners are directed to move to the right hand side of the road. There will be a traffic control station set-up to assist in the process. This is very important: Although the Miles Canyon turnoff section is not closed to local traffic, support vehicles will not be allowed to follow their runners/walkers through this section to limit congestion. Drivers must proceed into town and park at the ballpark across from the Robert Service Campground, or at the finish line in Rotary Park, etc. In this Miles Canyon section, runners are to stay on the left side of the road, not the middle of the road. There is a water station and 1st aid for runners in this section. Leg 10 runners will reconnect at the Robert Service Way and they are to stay on the right side of the road until they hit the pathway along the Yukon River to the finish.