Team Captains

Have you taken on the role of Team Captain? Understand your role!

Each team must designate a captain, who may or may not be a runner. The captain is the contact person for the team and it is their responsibility to ensure the following requirements are met;

  1. All team members MUST be aware of all race rules.
  2. Ensure all runners are in possession of their bibs, and that they are clearly visible on the front and back of each runner throughout their leg. Do not pin numbers on the legs—they are not visible.
  3. Checkpoint volunteers will hold your team if they arrive before the designated checkpoint opening time and that time will be added to the participant’s leg time. They will also hold your team if they are not wearing the required team race bib and high viz gear.
  4. Notify your participants not to check in with checkpoint personnel until the officials have called them forward.
  5. All team progress MUST be monitored and recorded by the team itself during the race, and all substitutions recorded on the Blue Post-Race Plan. The team’s completed Post-Race Plan must be presented at the Finish Line. If a timing fob is lost along the way your team WILL NOT be issued a replacement so recording each individuals time is essential for accurate race results.
  6. If your team has a complaint or protest to register, the captain must present it to the race judge at the finish line.
  7. After leaving Skagway, food and gas are not available on the route before Carcross (Checkpoint 7). Outhouses will be provided at checkpoints on route.
  8. Runner shirts will be available for pick up by the team captain at the Finish Line.
  9. A photographer will be on hand to take team photos at the Finish Line. The photos will be posted on the Klondike Road Relay website and Sport Yukon’s social media pages, where they can be saved and accessed for personal use.